In sad, miraculous, hopeful memory of you Maddie

It’s been a year. It’s been the worst year of the McCann’s existence. I cannot believe Maddie has been away for 365 days. I cannot fathom what those parents are going through. Tonight. For the past 12 months. Like any other parent, they cannot lose hope, faith, trust. They will never be able to move on unless they find her…or news of her.

I pray for you often. Some nights I forget, but you are never far away in my mind. I look at my children and I have to block thoughts of the nightmare you have been experiencing. I do, however, still believe that Maddie is alive. It’s a feeling of “life” when I think of her. And when I see her pictures.

Please don’t lose hope. If you have lost hope then you have lost everything. God exists. I am sorry to say this (as many many have probably done before), but God has a plan. I cannot answer the questions about the plan. But there is a plan.

I watched a movie called Faith like potatoes on Sunday evening. Why I haven’t watched this movie before is beyond me. It is one of the most inspiring flicks I have ever seen. It has such a wonderful message. It is not a straight forward message. It seems fairly straight forward – ie the acting is rather bad and it’s not a hugely high budget movie – but it is amazing. A true story about love, hope, faith, heartache, peace, miracles and the biggest test of all – the death of a child. The loss of a child. It is real. He is real. Angus Buchan. It has made me think a lot.

Kate and Gerry. I think it is safe to say that the whole world will be thinking and praying for you tonight. For tonight a year ago your Maddie was still with you.

I will pray and pray and pray. And I will not lose hope.




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3 responses to “In sad, miraculous, hopeful memory of you Maddie

  1. Zee

    Ai, die hoop dat hulle haar dalk sal vind maak hulle seker van hulle koppe af, maar vir hulle part hoop ek dat sy lewendig gevind sal word.

    Faith was ‘n amazing movie nê, het vir my baie stof tot nadenke gegee.

  2. Jy raak aan my hart met hierdie inskrywing van jou.

  3. Ek stem. Was ‘n goeie fliek. Oor Maddie, my hart bloei vir haar ouers. Ek hoop en bid die meisietjie is veilig. Dit klink nou stupid, maar eerder deur iemand ‘gevat’ wat mooi na haar sal kyk dink ek, as iemand wat haar seksueel gaan misbruik of seer/dood maak. Dis nie reg om iemand se kind te vat nie, maar vir die kindjie se onthalwe, hoop ek dit is die situasie.

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